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FOUNDATIONS of Online Coaching

My signature methodology for new health and wellness coaches who want to become profitable, confident business owners - now WAITLISTING for January 2022.

The waitlist is completely noncommittal but it guarantees a couple of very important things:

  • If you choose to join the January 2022 cohort, you’ll secure $200 off the cost of the program and a free 45 minute goal-setting and strategy call to put you ahead of the curve (a $300 value).

  • Everyone on the waitlist will receive an exclusive monthly email training from me to build your knowledge of the business no matter if you commit or not.

  • You’ll have first dibs on booking discovery calls with me when enrollment opens in November (aka no picking from a busy calendar!)

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    What's up, coach?!

    My name's Emily, it's so freaking good to meet you! When I was getting my biology degree and prepping to apply to medical school, some nagging desire for freedom pushed me towards entrepreneurship. 2.5 years later, I've pivoted my health coaching business and discovered a passion for online entrepreneurship - building a multi-6-figure business in the process with less than 2k followers on Instagram. I've guided over 100 health coaches to business success via the FOUNDATIONS of Online Coaching methodology and I think YOU should be our next success story - join the waitlist today for early access to email education from yours truly, a discount on the program, and first dibs on uber-limited program spaces. I'll see you on a discovery call soon - I can't wait to make your goals a reality!


    • You feel massively overwhelmed at how to get your business up and running.
    • You're apprehensive about where to get your business advice - you need one clear strategy that WORKS and real support from someone who's bee in your shoes.
    • Making a real profit as a business owner + coach feels impossible.
    • You're full of ideas but have no action.
    • You lack confidence in the technicalities of business.
    • You feel self doubt and fear leading the way.
    • You need accountability, support, and clear education + action.

    look no further ...

    FOUNDATIONS of Online Coaching is producing results like these in every single cohort:

    • Lia hit her first $10k month and went full time using the FOUNDATIONS method for online coaching.

    • Sarah went full time and left behind a toxic workplace using the FOUNDATIONS method.

    • Dakota went from 0 👉🏼 4 clients in a month after implementing the FOUNDATIONS method.

    • Elizabeth built and sold out multiple successful offers in her business using the FOUNDATIONS method.

    • Emma topped $10k in cash income after stalling out on her own.



    • Business vision (creating a clear view into what you want as a business owner)
    • Ideal Client and Niche identification
    • Market Research
    • Creating a warm audience + lead generation
    • Social Media + Organic Growth-Branding


    • Business Mindset + mastering your mind as a business owner
    • CEO Habits (scheduling + logistics)-Websites + Tech
    • Your coaching program/signature offer
    • Pricing + being high-value AND accessible

    Weeks 9-12 SALES

    • DMing (mastering online conversation and conversion)
    • Lead conversion
    • Launching
    • Sales
    • Local Connections


    So- what makes FOUNDATIONS different? How do we create such consistent success in this couching container? The answer is simple:

    We treat new coaches with the unique individuality and intention that has prevously only been available to high-level coaches - this includes:

    • 1:1 calls with me to put you ahead of the game in reaching your unique goals, overcoming your limiting beliefs, and standing out from the crowd

    • specialty 1:1 trainings with my co-coaches, diving deep into topics like social media mastery, life/business optimization, and business/time management.

    • Guest trainings with industry specialists such as a CPA to help you grasp the ins-and-outs of business legalities and finances.

    • A hybrid-style curriculum that caters to all learning styles - both visual and auditory learners will internalize the FOUNDATIONS method via a 110+ page comprehensive textbook and a full library of pre-recorded course modules.

    your RESOURCES

    • My signature 110+ page textbook containing every detail of my coaching methodology

    • Access to my library of recorded teaching modules

    • Access to my complete library of resources and tools to stay organized and streamlined

    • Admission to an all-inclusive program Facebook group and Voxer chat for support and content/program auditing

    • Access to two co-coaches specializing in the intracacies of health and business coaching, optimization, scheduling, and support

    • Access to my specialty collaborators, including a small-business bookkeeper and CPA


    you'll have access to:

    • all updated versions of the signature FOUNDATIONS textbook and course modules (a $2500 value) - FOR LIFE. Any updates that I add to the course are yours forever.
    • weekly group calls - a blend of live teaching modules and mastermind-style collaborative learning (a $3000 value)
    • biweekly 1:1 calls with myself and my co-coaches - the best part, y'all! (a $4000 value)
    • all access inside an interactive Mastermind Facebook group for between-call growth and management (a $1500 value)
    • on-demand support between you and I - for the entirety of the program! You want it - you got it - just text me! (a $3000 value)
    • weekly content and program editing opportunities - never question if you content is good/if your program will sell again - we do custom edits every. single. week. to validate your hard work. (a $3500 value)

    Total investment: $4000

    Waitlist Discount Investment: $3800

    Potential Return on Investment: PRICELESS.


    I get it - you're brand new to this - you want the best mentorship out there but you NEED financial flexibility - so my CFO and I created a never-before-seen strategy to help.

    I call it: paying with ACCOUNTABILITY but without ANXIETY. This looks like you pay what you can each month, as long as that amount A) makes you feel accountable to putting in the hard work, B) doesn't cause you distracting and pesky anxiety, and C) is copntained within a 12-month payment period.

    Aka - this method has the potential to bring your monthly payments down to less than $334.

    (aka - I've got you, and I value your education more than your monthly payment.)

    client spotlight - LIA

    Lia, a life + wellness optimization coach, used the FOUNDATIONS method to achieve multiple business milestones -

    first it was her mega-successful Facebook group lead generator,

    then her first $10k month,

    and onto going full time in her business + moving to her dream location.

    You can listen to more on Lia's story HERE.

    client spotlight - SARAH

    Sarah, a body confidence + intuitive eating coach, went full time in here business less than 1 MONTH after the 12-week FOUNDATIONS program.

    Now, she consistently doubles her client load,

    collaborates with dream influencers and creators,

    and inspires women across multiple platforms with her viral video content.

    This was my most recent contact with a THRIVING coach Sarah:

    Convinced yet?! Let's have a look at a few more FOUNDATIONS student wins - just from the last few weeks:

    What do you say, love? Add your name to the waitlist above - it's completely noncommittal but will open the door to the best coaching mentorship experinece on the market - I'll talk to you soon! xxx